Motivar as Massas XLVII

Short Skirts on Bicycles Celebration in New York City

Our friend Jasmijn was stopped in SOHO by NYPD for riding in a skirt! The officer said she could distract drivers…


What may appear as a joke has proved to be yet another ridiculous incident involving uninformed police officers stopping cyclists for fictional infractions or to chastise them with self-invented rules.


So we were pleased to read the twitter buzz about a potential protest ride in New York on the @bikepeacenyctwitter account. Hashtag: #shortskirtprotestride:

“Short Skirt Protest + Ride and Love the Broadway Bike Lane” this Thurs nite. Meet up Columbus Circle. Sass and class please.

As far as we can make out, the Short Skirt Protest will take place this Thursday at 7:00 pm. Ride starts at 7:30 pm.


6 thoughts on “Motivar as Massas XLVII

  1. Qualquer dia vou experimentar (por acaso nunca andei de saia na bicla pois vou sempre na vertente sporty)..ah outra coisa que aproveito para comentar, nos vídeos que tens colocado vê-se muita gente sem capacete…já escreveste algum post sobre isto?

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  3. eu costumo usar calções por baixo, desde os curtos versão “cinta de velhotas”, pelo joelho, até ás leggings

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